Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is this Janet Jackson Daughter?

Who is Renee Jackson? If you have not heard, she is Janet Jackson daughter. In 2005 when this rumor first started she was and still is 18-year-old. The reason that we never heard of Renee before, is because she has been living with Janet's older sister Rebe, and the baby's father is apparently James De Barge, the man Janet married in 1984 for 3 months. But you gotta hand it to Janet -- She managed to keep her second marriage hidden for nearly 10 years a secret (until she decided to get divorced), so it was easy to figure out how she kept a secret child hidden for 18 years.
So, after some research I did find out who Renee Jackson is... She is Brandi Jackson... Wait I thought her name was Renee? Is she Janet's Daughter or what? No. So who is Brandi Jackson?

Brandi is the daughter of Jackie and Enid. She was born on February 6Th, 1982. So wait who is Jackie Jackson and Enid Jackson? Jackie is Janet's older brother who was in the Jackson Five. Jackie and Enid got married in 1974.
No one is sure how the rumor got started, but why Janet never cleared it up is news to me, considering this is a eighteen year old rumor.

I can see how she could be misten for Janets Daughter, but where do we come up with this stuff?

Now that we know Brandi is actually related to Janet Jackson, Janet is not her Mother. Now you know who Brandi /AKA Renee Jackson really is, Janet Jackson niece...


  1. This explains who Brandi is, but this does not explain:

    1) Why the name "Renee" is being circulated...and if Brandi and Renee are synonymous/the same person.

    2) If there actually is a daughter with James debarge...even if Brandi is Jackie/Enid's daughter, that does not negate Janet having a secret daugther. It simply means that the woman in the photo is Jackie/Enid's child, and not Janet's.

    The rumor was started because it has been circulating for some time, only to be confirmed by Young Debarge on a local radio station. Also, when asked, the Debarge matriarch did NOT deny it. Neither has Janet...

    She simply said "no comment". Unfortunately, I do see that as a sign. If this was an untruth, I do believe Janet would have struck it down immediately. I think her refusal to deny it is because she doesn't want to hurt this alleged "daughter", by further denying her existence.

  2. the reason why there's doubt is because brandi was adopted by jackie and enid...funny enough she resembles everybody in the jackson family...and on top of that i know for a fact that she was the only "niece" janet always took personally back to school shopping and would call on a daily basis almost...can't say she has the same as close as relationship with all nieces and nephews...although theyre all very's not to this extend

  3. Brandi/Renee Jackson is the same person, she is also James and JJ daughter. First of all Jackie did not adopt any children if he did please prove it. Rebbie did raise her and when that rumor came out they threw out that Jackie adopt a child. Look at her she looks like her dad James and she looks like JJ. I grew up with a girl name Annette who became best friends with JJ. They both went to Pastuer Jr High.Annette is in her video (What have u done 4 me lately" girl with Braids and Paula Abdul's in the video too. I remember the day very clear when she confirmed that JJ was indeed preggers with James Debarge baby. Obviously Brandi/Renee knows becuz if she didnt she can easily get a DNA from her Daddy he would love for this to be public. JJ is payin him to keep his mouth shut. El Debarge ( while on drugs was going to give up the story but they quiet him real quik) . Unfotunately I lost touch with Annette but Im sure I can locate her I believe she end up marrying one of JJ cousins

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  5. Bull according to Mrs.DeBarge & Family Renee was suppose to be born in 1985 which would make Janets & James child now 25 yrs old.

    Brandi however was born in 1982 Febuary 6th , Theres said that she's indeed Jackie's Daughter by another woman he had outside his marriage & the reason why this child was Adopted is due to her Mother dying .

    Even in Mrs. Debarge Book She stated Janet was going back & fourth on the set of Fame , & after her & James anulled their Marriage The Baby disapeared & No word has been said until 2005 when Young DeBarge talked on Radio about Janet having A Daughter with his brother.

    In 2005 the child would be 20 Not 18 .

    Brandi however is now 28 , & was 6 or 7 years old in 1988 in the 2300 Jackson street Video playing with Her Father Jackie .

    Ok lets do the Math here If Janet had Renee in 1985 The Baby would had only been 1 or 2 yrs old in 1988 during the Family Video , So Brandi couldn't be the Baby Of Janet & James since she was already Born .

    & according to Mrs.DeBarge Janet's Due date was suppose to had been on August 25th of 1985 so Janets Daughters B-Day would be August 25th 1985 .

    So Brandi is indeed not the kid , for some reason This Child's picture is been blasters all over the net as been the secret Kid & shes not even The kid .

    1. U can't count. 1988 the child would have been 3. As of today, ReneƩ that's her name, would be 30 years old since her birthday is in August. Also, that is her name. If U Wikipedia The Jackson's and look under Rebbie's named, U will see Renee, Yashi, and Debbie's son's name. Simple as that.

  6. Not only that but I have talked to Mrs. DeBarge on this & according to her Renee should be 25 & b-Day August 1985 .

    She also stated that it could be A boy or A girl that janet had so who knows It could be A boy .

    & His or Her Name may not even be Renee . I'm wondering were this Name Renee came from ???....LOL

  7. As u all must know, Brandi was "adopted" its possible she is Janet's!

  8. If Janet does have a child, then shame on her for not being woman enough to admit it, if this is true then I feel for the child, who is now an adult why would she continue to lie about it, or not deny it which makes people think that it is actually true. Games people play!- but after all they are the Jackson's a whole lot of lies and mystery surrounds this family*

  9. I am fan of the Jacksons but they drive the public crazy with theirlies and secrets. They want to appear perfect when they are ridden with so many weird or bizarre issues. For ex. Jermaine and Randy marrying the same woman. Mj and his kid prince now admits to not being his. Not really a surprise. Once again james Debarge says jj was pregnant and his mother witnessed her being pregnant. They way she kept her marriagd a secret tells me its possible the rumor is true. REGARDLESS, the truth will come out and be validated. Shame on janet if it does. Because she gave up her daughter over more money in her bank and duped the public instead being straight forward about it.

    1. You can't be that big of a Jackson fan because Randy never married Alejandra. He was her side-chick who he actually got pregnant before his own wife, Eliza, and he got his side chick pregnant again.

    2. She kept the marriage a secret, but not her husband. We knew they were together, we just didn't know she was married.